Le'Asha Julius was born in Washington DC. Spending most of her early teens playing basketball, she decided, freshman year, to quit the high school Varsity team in order to fully pursue her education in the performing arts. From there, she went on to attend D.C's prestigious Duke Ellington School of the Arts where she majored in Acting. After graduating, Le'Asha was accepted into the SUNY Purchase College Conservatory of Theatre Arts and Film where, in her spare time, she joined several bands and created a hip hop duo, Quincy Vidal.

Upon college graduation, after self releasing Quincy Vidal's first album, Cookin' in Brooklyn, in 2010. Le'Asha and her partner CE followed up with albums Sentimental Moods (2012) and Utopia/LDZ (2014). Later, they teamed up with record label Styles Upon Styles and released their latest EP, Chi'ren (2016).

Le'Asha has been endlessly working on a new solo work that is said to be released soon. A collection of music which, she says, will be somewhat of a surprise to those who have followed her sound since 2010. Catch Le'Asha live in NYC at any of her gigs for a chance to hear what she may be cooking up for her next project.